Cresylic Creosote (for disinfectants)

TAMS UK produces a range of Cresylic Creosotes with high phenolic content suitable for use in the formulation of general disinfectants.  Typical formulations would include black fluid disinfectants, such as Creoline or Phenyl for veterinary or agricultural use including sheep dips, foot and wheel pads and the treatment of poultry houses.  Our Cresylic Creosotes are blended from high quality materials and will produce a stable, cream emulsion when formulated with a suitable vegetable oil soap.  Cresylic Creosotes are packed in 210 litre mild steel drums.  For export we can pack single grade or mixed loads of 80 drums in a 20ft container.

  • Cresylic Creosote 25/30 - contains minimum 25% phenols
  • Cresylic Creosote 30/35 - contains minimum 30% phenols
  • Cresylic Creosote 40/45 - contains minimum 40% phenols
  • Cresylic Creosote 45/50 - contains minimum 45% phenols

Other grades are available on request.

We are seeking qualified distributors for our Cresylic Creosote throughout the world.