Tamsol Black Fluids (for export only)

Tamsol black fluid disinfectants are the most cost effective in our range and are formulated from high quality phenolic ingredients and vegetable oil soap.  Our Tamsol disinfectant range consists of three major product areas, all of which are bright black liquids and produce strong, stable white emulsions when diluted with water.

  • Tamsolina Concentrate
    Tamsolina Concentrate is our most popular and cost effective black fluid.  Tamsolina Concentrate is diluted with three parts of water to produce Tamsolina, a general purpose disinfectant for use in industrial, domestic and veterinary applications (especially for farms).
  • Tamsol 5/7
    Tamsol 5/7 is an extra-strength general purpose black fluid disinfectant for industrial, domestic and veterinary applications.
  • Tamsol 18/22
    Tamsol 18/22 is our most powerful disinfectant for industrial and veterinary applications where very heavy soiling is present.

All grades of Tamsol meet the EN 1276 standard for bactericidal assay.